Wouter Coenradie BedrijfsfilmDe nieuwe bedrijfsfilm van Ingenieursbureau Coenradie staat op onze profielpagina. De film toont 25 jaar meetwerkoplossingen voor Overheden, Grond-, Weg- en Waterbouw, Woning- en Utiliteitsbouw en Industrie.


In de bedrijfsfilm van Coenradie tonen we de visie van Coenradie: Meetwerkoplossingen van wereldklasse voor diverse toepassingen. Van bouwmaatvoering, tot uitzetwerk in Grond-, Weg- en Waterbouw, tot maatvoering en precisiemeetwerk in industriële markten. Neem contact met ons op voor de mogelijkheden.

Coenradie World-Class Surveying Solutions

Since 1989, Engineering Consultancy Coenradie has been operating from various locations in the Netherlands providing surveying solutions throughout the country and across the globe.
In building, maintenance and facility management…
… in infrastructural projects,
… industrial environments
and for Governmental organizations.

Dimensional surveying, ranging from large-scale land-surveying, defining the maps of the planet we live on …
… down to sub-micron, high precision measurements, controlling the tools we work with.

Using state-of-the art equipment operated by the best surveyors we constantly develop new surveying solutions.

Controlling, acquiring data for engineering processes.

Coenradie partners with the best companies in the world. This constantly challenges us to improve and provide better, more ingenious solutions.

The projects are getting bigger, the projects are getting smaller, more complex, and beyond boundaries.
For every building process it is crucial to be able to trust and rely on the data provided. The importance of data you can depend on will be endorsed by people in any profession on any project …
Better information means better decisions, more efficiency and less costs.

To get to the future first, first call on Coenradie.